BeaverMatic's® Temper Furnaces are specifically designed for drawing, tempering and stress relieving applications. These units serve as companions to the complete line of BeaverMatic Internal Quench Furnaces. However, BeaverMatic tempers are compatible for use with all standard IQF equipment. Available at low competitive costs, BeaverMatic Tempers assure rigid temperature and specific process results.





BeaverMatic Temper Furnace


  • Constructed of Heavy Duty Plate Steel for Unmatched Dependability.
  • Exceeds standard oven construction.
  • Low initial and installed cost.
  • Precision-built to meet the demand for quality.
  • 100% Performance Proven


  • Heating: Units with gas-fired and electric heating systems are available. Radiant tubes are installed on direct gas-fired furnaces, a single burner and baffles are installed on direct gas fired units, and rod overbend resistance elements are installed on the walls of electrically heated furnaces. Combustion systems comply with NFPA and FM safety standards.
  • Circulation: Furnaces with circulating fans configured to maintain ±15°F or ±10°F temperature uniformity are available.
  • Control Systems: The basic control system consists of a recorder, controller and over temperature protection instrument with alarm. More sophisticated control systems including a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Operator Interface (OIT) are available and enable recipe management.
  • Construction: BeaverMatic tempers are of rugged steel design. They are gas-tight for processing in inert nitrogen or argon atmosphere, the use of which applies to indirect gas-fired and electrically-heated furnaces only.
  • Insulation: The heating chamber is lined either with high quality insulating fire brick or ceramic fiber insulation, as specified. 
  • Hearth: Several workload systems are available including full width rollers, skid rails, and roller rails with chain guide.
  • Door: Air furnaces include a pneumatically operated front door with a gravity seal and ceramic fiber insulation. Atmosphere furnaces incorporate a tip-away mechanism that provides and excellent atmosphere seal and prolonged insulation life.