BeaverMatic® Washers are batch-type, power spray units that provide totally dependable cleansing action. They feature a high-capacity centrifugal pump which supplies washing solution to the spray nozzles and ejects it at 60 psi. BeaverMatic's strategically engineered spray pattern penetrates the load, removing all deposits and surface contaminants.

Combining the advantages of low cost, quick installation and simplified maintenance, these wash units are compatible for use with all standard furnace equipment. As a key component of the BeaverMatic line, they are demonstrated by their reliability in heat treat plants throughout the USA.



  • Totally reliable parts cleaning.
  • Low competitive cost.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Simple to operate and maintain.



  • Washing solution heated to average of 180°F Electric.
  • Spray washing with optional dunk.
  • Disc-type oil skimmer for discharge to collection barrel.
  • In-line pump/strainer.
  • Pneumatically operated front door.
  • Complete coverage by 27 spray nozzles at 60 psi on sides, top and bottom.
  • Operation timer.
  • Furnished with all necessary electrical / mechanical drawings and a comprehensive operator's manual.
  • Meets current EPA and OSHA standards


BeaverMatic Spray & Dunk Washer