BeaverMatic Pusher Furnace



  • Designed for consistent and uniform heat zones ensuring precise metallurgical results.
  • Designed to reliably process high-volume loads.
  • A typical pusher will have a Cooling Zone with six workloads and five of those workloads will be in a buffer zone with minimal insulation to prevent rapid heat loss.
  • Roller rails are segmented and anchored through the heat zone chamber for expansion.
  • Continuous gas tight welded construction.
  • Heat Zone has typically 3-Zones of control.
  • Front transfer pushes load into the first heat zone from internal loader while transferring all loads through furnace at the same time ensuring load uniformity.
  • Honeywell Model UDC-3000 over temperature control for each heat zone.
  • Handling system provides load movement front to rear utilizing a double chain with reliable BeaverMatic standard pusher bar.


BeaverMaticĀ® Pusher Furnace Technology is known for its consistent and uniform heat zones ensuring that each load meets metallurgical specifications. Performance proven, the BeaverMatic pusher furnaces have been in operation for over 30 years.

Reasons for choosing a BeaverMatic Pusher Furnace: