BeaverMatic Pit Furnace



  • Control panel is all pre-wired with controls, push buttons, signal lights, motor starter, purge timer and system analyzing safety monitor for a plug-and-play scenario.
  • Honeywell controls and circular chart recorder/controller.
  • Honeywell Model UDC-2000 over temperature control.
  • Circulation blower mounted in heating chamber.
  • Flame safety and gas shut off valves comply with NFPA and FM guidelines.
  • NEMA 12 Control Panel.
  • Stainless Steel lining and duct work.
  • Heating chamber and top cover insulated with mineral fiber insulation.
  • Single and Double retort designs available.
  • Nitriding potential control nitriding furnaces.

A BeaverMaticĀ® Pit Furnace is utilized for nitriding or tempering smaller intricate parts for superior strength and achieving excellent part uniformity. Reasons for choosing a Pit Furnace include:

  • Designed to process loads for quick turnaround.
  • Design application offers flexibility and simplicity.
  • Vessel design is round for structural strength, smaller and easier to utilize for loading, and excellent for confined spaces.
  • No external load cart is required.
  • Ease of loading and unloading is relatively simplistic with a vertical design.
  • Simplistic cycle sequences of operation.
  • Operations are dependable, easy to understand and can be carried out by one of several operators by following basic parameters.