BeaverMatic, INC today is an internationally recognized manufacturer of heat treating equipment due to the efforts of three Peterson men, whose journey is highlighted in our timeline. While their perseverance and passion cannot be entirely captured in this summary, they can be understood and expressed in a single word: "emerge". 

BeaverMatic® has strived to provide world-class capabilities and solutions to each customer. This concerted effort and focus to satisfy each customer's individual needs is paramount to our company mission.

40 years ago Jack Beavers began a determined journey toward furnace innovation with a simplified yet sophisticated design. From our past successes and solid installation base, BeaverMatic remains steadfastly focused on  its core competency to build a simplified yet dependable performance-proven furnace.


As environmental protection standards become stricter, BeaverMatic has continued to evaluate its designs to maximize energy efficiency and savings for captive and commercial heat treaters. We leverage our practical experience with furnace knowledge to improve processes that maximize operational quality and system efficiency.


BeaverMatic is committed to satisfying our customers, for it is our customers who have allowed us to successfully emerge onto the global stage.


Our history began with Jack Beavers, an idea, and a handful of customers. Today our diverse furnace technologies impact global companies such as Alcoa, Amarillo Gear, ATI, Babcock & Wilcox, Baker Hughes, Baldor, Boeing, Delta, G.E. Hydril, Harley Davidson, Honeywell, Master Lock, Schlumberger, United Airlines, and many others. 


Early 1960s - Inception  

Jack Beavers developed furnace designs using templates.


 1960s - Quality

 When Jack Beavers built a furnace, he told customers if they could find a furnace edge sharp enough to scratch or nick their hands, he would reward them with a $100 bill.  Many tried, but only one succeeded.


1964 - Performance

BeaverMatic furnaces receive recognition in Western Manufacturing magazine for heat treating aerospace fasteners.  At this point BeaverMatic furnaces are making important  contributions to efficiency and to the solution of production problems.


1970s and Early '80s -Ease of Maintenance

BeaverMatic's designs  set new standards for temperature uniformity and low maintenance cost.


1985 and '86 - Opportunities

Jack Beavers dies of illness and his Top Line Company, the manufacturer of BeaverMatic furnaces is placed for sale.  Kary  and Mark Peterson, with 15-years of engineering partnership, buy BeaverMatic assets and move headquarters to Rockford, Illinois.


1986 - Responsive

Peterson family quickly assumes responsibilities based on aptitude:

- Kary Peterson - President

- Mark Peterson, Engineering

- Kevin Peterson, V.P. Operations

1986 and '87 - Workmanship and Simplicity

Peterson's first task began with transferring furnace templates to AutoCAD drawings.

Sold their first Internal Quench Furnace to Phoenix Metal Treating, and their first

temper furnace to Racine Heat Treating.

1990s and 2000s

The Peterson family has concentrated on manufacturing Performance Proven Heat Treating Equipment, integrating energy efficiency enhancements, expanding its product offering

(Tip-up, Pusher, Carbottom, Box, and Pit Furnaces).


BeaverMatic moved into a new facility with double its manufacturing and office space to meet increasing demand for products.