BeaverMatic Car Bottom Furnace

If your production requirements are large or small, standard or specialized, a BeaverMatic® Car Bottom Furnace will serve you most effectively. These units reflect the same emphasis on sophisticated yet simplified design that has earned BeaverMatic acceptance from Heat processors throughout the U.S.

Precision-engineered and built to the industry's most exacting specifications, BeaverMatic Car Bottoms can heat treat loads up to 100,000 lbs., and sections 20ft., 30ft., or longer at temperatures to 1850°F (1010°C). Protected by lightweight ceramic fiber insulation, furnaces seal tight once the car is rolled inside and maintain excellent temperature uniformity. They are ideal for annealing large, heavy loads, as well as stress relieving and normalizing.

Numerous design options are available ranging from standard or modular furnaces to loading/unloading systems and heating with electric elements or gas-firing in a variety of configurations. Advanced recuperation to reduce energy consumption can also be provided. Each furnace is customized to individual requirements.

For Car Bottom Furnace technology geared to your specific needs, rely on BeaverMatic. We're confident you'll find us an excellent choice!



  • Carload Capacity: Processes up to 100,000 lb. loads at temperatures to 1850°F.
  • Heating: Gas, oil or electric (or in combination). Excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Processes Annealing, stress relieving and normalizing.
  • Construction: Standard BeaverMatic rugged gauge steel design, or larger furnaces of modular construction to simplify shipment. Sections complete with insulation, plumbing and burners are quickly assembled on-site.
  • Insulation: Lightweight ceramic fiber protects outside walls from heat penetration, assures critically tight seals and reduces energy costs. 
  • Loading / Unloading: BeaverMatic options include tip-up, lift-up or door-type units. Guillotine and side-opening doors are available, plus many other configurations. 
  • Recuperation: Advanced systems can be provided to further curtail energy use and reduce operating costs. 
  • Quality-Plus: BeaverMatic Car Bottom Furnaces are precision built to satisfy the most demanding requirements. And like every other furnace in our expanding line, they're 100% performance proven.