Press Release

Premier Furnace Specialists Acquires Intellectual Property of BeaverMatic

Premier Furnace Specialists Inc. of Farmington Hills, Mich., recently acquired the intellectual property assets of BeaverMatic Inc. of Rockford, Ill. Now with the purchase of the BeaverMatic IP, Premier Furnace will be able to greatly expand its product offerings and presence in the marketplace. Under the BeaverMatic name, Premier Furnace will continue to manufacture BeaverMatic’s line of I.Q. furnace systems, car bottoms, box furnaces, pit furnaces and tip-up furnaces. Premier Furnace will also continue to manufacture its line of pusher furnaces, roller-hearth furnaces, batch furnaces, brazing, sintering, annealing mesh-belt furnaces, pit furnaces, endothermic/exothermic generators and water systems. 
The purchase of the BeaverMatic IP will add an additional 50 years of experience to that of Premier Furnace Specialists, for a combined total of 65 years of expertise. Premier Furnace is located at 23850 Freeway Park Drive and 23485 Industrial Park Drive in Farmington Hills. We can be found on the internet at, still on this website, and by telephone at 248-596-9000.


Tip-up Furnace:

BeaverMatic's Tip-up furnaces are precision- engineered powerhouses that can heat treat 40'-W x 10'-H x 10'L loads weighing up to 100,000lbs. They are ideal for carburizing, annealing, stress relieving, nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing.  When installed in a system with a quench tank and manipulator, tip-up furnaces can be used for hardening. They utilize energy-efficient ceramic-fiber insulation modules, and circulating fans help maintain excellent temperature uniformity at up to 1750°F. BeaverMatic's Tip-up furnace is highly reliable and efficient for heavy loads and high-volume processing requirements. One customer said  that they "annealed more than 7 million pounds of product in just 3 1/2 months while experiencing a substantial improvement in work flow and throughout by stacking and configuring  baskets and trays to process daily loads weighing 70,000-90,000 pounds."

BeaverMatic Tip-up furnaces can be custom configured to meet individual company needs.